5 ways to travel around Bangkok

Bangkok is recognized worldwide for having an ever-evolving transport system with numerous ways to get around the metropolis. There are vehicles, boats, and trains that travel underground as well as those that travel above the city.

The following guide is useful for first-time visitors who have difficulties in selecting suitable ways to get to Bangkok. The guide will make it easier for you to travel to Lancaster Bangkok, near the MRT with ease.

Tuk-tuks-the popular three-wheeled open vehicle

Tuk-tuks are the distinctive mode of transportation in Bangkok that is highly favoured by the tourists. The Bangkok people used tuk-tuks before BTS and taxi. The fare is based on travel distance, bargaining skills and the time of the day.

Bangkok skytrain (BTS)-the swiftest way to get around

Also known as BTS, Skytrain is the most suitable way to get around Bangkok in air-conditioned luxury. The BTS is an elevated train consisting of two lines known as Sukhumvit Line and Silom. The high- tech system is the best option to use in peak hours. The train operates daily from 6 am to midnight.

Bangkok underground train – fast and efficient

At present, it consists of one line- MRT Blue Line that runs through 18 stations, which provide access to several tourist attractions. The underground train, also known as Bangkok MRT has air- condition that is welcoming. Travellers can transfer from MRT to BTS (Bangkok Skytrain) at the following exchange stations: Silom/Sala Daeng, Chatuchak Park/Mo Chit and Sukhumvit. The service hours are from 6 am to midnight daily.

Express boats-getting around Bangkok

The express boats are distinguished, by their colour-coded flags. Also known as River Taxis, the express boats are of five different types, discerned by the colour of the flag flown from the back of the boat. For travellers who want to explore the Chao Phraya River and get to the grand place, the orange boat is the best option as it operates all day.

The tickets are available at docks. Most express boats operate between 6 am and dusk covering 21 piers.

Bangkok taxis-reliable and affordable

The multi-coloured taxis are generally comfortable, cheap and easily accessible. The taxis are available 24hours a day. The taxis are found outside hotels, tourist attractions and shopping centres. Our top advice to safeguard your pocket when you are entering a taxi is to make sure the driver turns on the meters.

Everybody wants to travel in style and comfort. Use the above information to find the right mode of transportation that will help you have a memorable time.


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