What is the Quarantine Procedure for Visitors Entering Thailand Due to Coronavirus?

From the Grand Palace in Bangkok to the turquoise-blue waters of Railay Beach, Thailand had really missed its non-resident tourists. Good news is that the country is now looking to open its doors for long-stay visitors, albeit with special conditions and procedures to contain the spread of coronavirus. Below are the conditions and procedures touristsContinue reading “What is the Quarantine Procedure for Visitors Entering Thailand Due to Coronavirus?”

5 ways to travel around Bangkok

Bangkok is recognized worldwide for having an ever-evolving transport system with numerous ways to get around the metropolis. There are vehicles, boats, and trains that travel underground as well as those that travel above the city. The following guide is useful for first-time visitors who have difficulties in selecting suitable ways to get to Bangkok.Continue reading “5 ways to travel around Bangkok”

Four Different Teas to Drink for Four Different Moods

Four Different Teas to Drink for Four Different Moods Black tea, green tea, Earl Grey, breakfast tea, white tea, and herbal tea are just a few examples of the range of different teas you can drink. Gone are the days of the typical English cuppa. The whole experience has been taken to new heights. NowContinue reading “Four Different Teas to Drink for Four Different Moods”

How to Make Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is a tradition most people like to indulge in especially during those boring and lazy afternoons. Indeed, it is the best way to eliminate the boredom from any afternoon. From triangle sandwiches, cakes, and scones, there is so much more to make the occasion special and memorable. Read through to find out someContinue reading “How to Make Afternoon Tea”