All You need to Know about Dinosaur Planet Bangkok

Dinosaur Planet Bangkok is located in the EM District along Sukhumvit Road. BTS SkyTrain is the easiest method to the park from Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit Sukhumvit to Phrom Phong Station. There are several sections found on Dinosaur Planet with lot of things to do with kids:

Deep Space 4D

Explore the bowels of the Earth and the prehistoric world of dinosaurs, millions of years in the past.

Raptor X-Treme

A delight for young and old alike. As Velociraptor dinosaurs chase you, you must flee for your life. See if you can locate a secret key and escape the Jurassic period.

Dinosaur District

Facts and figures regarding the many different kinds of dinosaurs that lived and roamed the Earth many millions of years ago. View dinosaur eggs and fossils alongside explanatory displays.

Stars of Dino

You can encounter different kinds of roaming, life-size dinosaurs as you go along a trail in the great outdoors. Details on each species are listed on signs.

The Dino Farm

It is an excellent place for kids to have some fun. Even toddlers can ride and guide a robotic dinosaur around a track at a leisurely pace.

The Great Volcano and the extinction live show

Find out what happened to wipe out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. The volcanic eruption show begins at 6 o’clock.

Dinosaur Park

At Dino square, you will find Thai or sandwiches if you are craving for one.


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