What is the Quarantine Procedure for Visitors Entering Thailand Due to Coronavirus?

From the Grand Palace in Bangkok to the turquoise-blue waters of Railay Beach, Thailand had really missed its non-resident tourists. Good news is that the country is now looking to open its doors for long-stay visitors, albeit with special conditions and procedures to contain the spread of coronavirus. Below are the conditions and procedures tourists are required to meet when entering Thailand.

Who Will Be Allowed into the Country?

When the number of Covid-19 infections reached 1000 cases in late March, the government declared a state of emergency which saw all non-resident tourists denied access. During the state of emergency, only a specific group of people (link: https://www.caat.or.th/en/archives/51895) was allowed into the country. Following the reduction of the rate of Covid-19 infection cases to less than 10 per day, the government announced that as from Oct. 1, long-stay tourists will now be allowed entry, provided they meet the requirements and follow the set quarantine procedures.

What are the Requirements for Entrance

As required by Thailand’s Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), visitors wishing to enter the country must contact their local Royal Thai Embassy or consulate to apply for a visa and a certificate of entry. They will be required to have a health insurance coverage of not less than 100,000 USD, travel details and proof of a booking at a state-approved quarantine site. The review of the application will be on a case-by-case basis, with priority given to the more urgent cases.

The Health Check – What Happens Once You Land?

Once on Thai soil, the visitor will provide a fit-to-fly certificate and a COVID-19 test certificate taken within 72 hours and showing a negative result.

The visitor will also be subject to a COVID-19 test at the airport to ensure they carry no symptoms. They will then be transferred to their pre-booked state quarantine site for a fourteen-day mandatory quarantine at their own expense.

Who is Exempted from Mandatory Quarantine?

Business people, filmmakers and other individuals on short trips to the country will be exempted from the fourteen-day quarantine. They will, however, be required to stick to their travel plans, and will not be allowed to take public transport or wander to public venues.

What to Expect in the Country

Thailand is slowly relaxing its restrictions on both domestic and foreign travel. In the country, wearing of masks and observing social distancing is compulsory when in public areas and when using public transport. It is also advisable to monitor local news channels for any development regarding the COVID-19 situation.

With the required travel documents, health certificates and knowledge of the quarantine procedures provided above, one is set to visit the Land of Smiles. Once in Thailand, they can enjoy the fantastic tropical beaches, visit ancient ruins and Buddha temples, and tour opulent royal palaces among other delightful attractions.


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