How to Make Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is a tradition most people like to indulge in especially during those boring and lazy afternoons. Indeed, it is the best way to eliminate the boredom from any afternoon. From triangle sandwiches, cakes, and scones, there is so much more to make the occasion special and memorable. Read through to find out some of the best tea ideas in K-West Hotel & Spa that will make guests awe at the excellent culinary skills.

Making Scones

The tea would not be justified without freshly-baked scones to accompany the drink. Surprisingly, these sweet and buttery buns are very easy to make at home since they require minimal ingredients. Baking the scones needs simple ingredients such as jam and clotted cream only.

How to Serve the Scones with the Tea

Baked scones look impressive perched on a cake stand. A more rustic approach could also do the trick since the cones can also be served in a basket. More flare and excitement can be added to the table by placing little pots of jam, cream, and teaspoons on the table.

Making Macaron

Delicious and straightforward macarons are made with ground almonds and egg whites to make them as light as possible. Experiment with fillings, flavours and colours.

How to Serve with Afternoon Tea

Handle the macarons with care since they are delicate. Serve while hot.

Making Carrot Cakes

These have a cream consisting of a thick cheese frosting as well as a lightly spiced sponge. It can be made in advance and wrapped in a foil or kept in a cake tin. Frosting should be added immediately before serving.

When it comes to serving, carrot cakes can be chopped into squares or slices and placed onto a tiered cake stand together with other mini cakes.

Danish Pastry

These make sweet and buttery treats that melt on the tongue and flake on the mouth. Different flavours and fillings of Danish pastries go well with the tea.

When serving with the tea, the pastries can be made the centre of attention if they’re placed on a large serving plate on the table.

Bottom Line

Afternoon tea remains one of the best ways of making a dull afternoon to an exciting one. The tea game can be taken a notch higher by the snacks mentioned above.


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